IO1. Professional profile of the Expert in Migrants’ Labour and Social Inclusion.
IO1.A1: Design of the Map and Templates 100%
IO1.A2: Information provided by partners 100%
IO1.A3: Design of the Map of competences 100%
IO1.A4: Presentation and validation 100%
IO2. Assessment tool on key competencies for Migrants’ Labour and Social Inclusion.
IO2.A1: Drafting the digital asessment tool 100%
IO2.A2: Digital Assessment tool set up 100%
IO2.A3: Digital Assessment tool testing 100%
IO2.A4: Digital Assessment tool IT Finalization 100%
IO3. Training course. Expert in Migrants’ Labour and Social Inclusion
IO3.A1: Design of training course structure and methodology of implementation and evaluation 100%
IO3.A2: Preparation of content 100%
IO3.A3: Fine tuning and validation of the training programme 100%
IO3.A4: Digital Assessment tool IT Finalizatione training programme 100%
IO4. Guidelines for Newcomers from Migration Experiences​
IO4.A1: Design of detailed Guidelines Structure 100%
IO4.A2: Development of Guidelines by the participants of 03 100%