IO1. Professional profile of the Expert in Migrants’ Labour and Social Inclusion.

All consortium countries will participate in the research through data collection and job analysis in order to identify the key competencies and essential skills required for migrants’ social and labor inclusion. This job analysis and description could be the basis for further research in EU countries and could provide the basis for further training programmes, as well as for the VAMOS training programme.

A map of competences will be designed that will include the knowledge, skills and learning outcomes related to the defined competences. The map will be developed thanks to the information provided by all partners regarding the skills and competences considered most important and relevant to be included in the map of competences which will allow the production of a common European map of competences that will be presented, discussed and validated by all partners.

This activity will be key in order to develop the next activities and outputs of the projects as will provide with the necessary information in order to design and develop the Assessment Tool (O2), the Expert training course (O3) and the training of trainers for capacity building of the teachers.

IO2. Assessment tool on key competencies for Migrants’ Labour and Social Inclusion

The VAMOS Assessment Tool will build in order to be an online, adaptive, innovative, robust and flexible tool with international standing. It is intended initially to be used by migrant participants of VAMOS training course but will be also targeted to any professional or organisation that has to assess migrants skills and competencies.

The tool will be developed to assess the skills and competences of migrants living already some years in the host countries, who are already adapted in these societies and have the basic knowledge of the host country language.

The Assessment Tool does not attempt to teach or instruct Learners. Rather, it is a specialised tool for the assessment of the migrant’s abilities, including strengths and weaknesses, that can be used as an input into the teaching process that IO3 proposes.

IO3. Training course. Expert in Migrants’ Labour and Social Inclusion

The innovative training and learning curriculum “Expert in Migrants’ Labour and Social Inclusion” supports migrants in acquiring in the competences and procedures to guide, accommodate, support and integrate other migrants when arriving to Europe, based also on their own experiences.

As the beneficiaries of the course are exclusively migrant people, the course will provide learners with specific competences regarding:

1) Cultural, psychological and social skills, general competences concerning the host country;

2) Legislation, rules and practical competences in use for access to the labour market for migrants;

3) Assessment of arriving migrants’ skills

With the development of this training course we aim at:

  • Improving the knowledge and expertise of migrants who work or who will work with other migrants towards their labour and social inclusion.

  • Identifying the challenges that migrants face when arriving at a new country.

  • Clarifying the potential of training specific competences of migrants towards the inclusion of other migrants, based on the high value of their own experience as migrants.

  • Providing with the tools and methodologies to implement high-impact initiatives of inclusion through migrants’ experiences and knowledge.

  • Exchanging and bringing value and visibility to significant experiences and transferable practices for social inclusion developed in Europe.


These guidelines will be operatively developed by the already adapted and integrated migrants who will be involved in the testing of the VAMOS course, gaining all the necessary knowledge, specific expertise and procedures to guide, accommodate, support and integrate other migrants, when arriving to Europe.

These guidelines will be developed by the trained migrants, combining their own labour and social inclusion experience in the host country and the peculiar cultural, social, technical and management skills, acquired by the learning curriculum “Expert in Migrants’ Labour and Social Inclusion” (IO3).

The contents to be developed will include valuable information and tips for newly migrant’s integration in societies/cities that each partner represents, fostering their profitable inclusion and participation to economic and social life of the host country.