3rd INTERNATIONAL PARTNER MEETING On the 29th on June, VAMOS consortium celebrated the 3rd partner meeting within the project. It was a very fruitful meeting in which we could discuss about the development of the self-assessment tool of the IO2 but also we had time to debate about the creation of contents of the training course of the IO3. In addition, …


Inclusive Zone Project. Promote the Social and Work Inclusion of UASCs (Unaccompanied Foreign Minors) in the Florentine Metropolitan Area. Cepiss, through a network of cooperatives, non-profit associations and training centers, including Centro Machiavelli Firenze, Italian tandem partner within VAMOS project, is starting up to work on “Inclusive Zone”, an important project for migrants, in particular for unaccompanied foreign minors. “Inclusive …

Un callejón sin salida

The Federación de Entidades con Proyectos y Pisos Asistidos (FEPA) brings together numerous entities from all over the country and its objective is to promote autonomy and equal opportunities for those young people who lack family support and are in the process of emancipation, especially for those under guardianship and those who have been released from guardianship. In the case …

This month took place in Sevilla the Kick-off meeting of another new project:VAMOS

These guidelines will be operatively developed by the already adapted and integrated migrants who will be involved in the testing of the VAMOS course, gaining all the necessary knowledge, specific expertise and procedures to guide, accommodate, support and integrate other migrants, when arriving to Europe.

These guidelines will be developed by the trained migrants, combining their own labour and social inclusion experience in the host country and the peculiar cultural, social, technical and management skills, acquired by the learning curriculum “Expert in Migrants’ Labour and Social Inclusion” (IO3).

The contents to be developed will include valuable information and tips for newly migrant’s integration in societies/cities that each partner represents, fostering their profitable inclusion and participation to economic and social life of the host country.